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Flint Ridge Quarry

Welcome to Roy Miller's
Flint Ridge Website.

Beneath the ground, in the hills bordering Licking and Muskingum counties, lies one of Ohio's most beautiful nature resources - Flint Ridge flint.

For thousands of years, native Americans have used flint from Flint Ridge to create stone tools. As a modern-day flintknapper, I love working with material from Flint Ridge - It comes in every color of the rainbow and knaps well enough to make beautiful spearpoints and arrowheads.

I always looked for good sources of knapping material and I was lucky enought to be able to buy some property on the ridge which has some nice outcrops of multi-colored flint.

This website is designed to teach people about Flint Ridge, flintknapping, and generate interest in visiting the Flint Ridge Knap-in.




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My quarry at Flint Ridge

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